25 January 2022

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The hermitage of Holy Ana was placed to the suburbs of the village. His construction, probably it arose from the popular initiative, was effected during the first third of the 16th century. Besides the construction of the hermitage, there was carried out in a parallel way, the building of the housing of the hermit or “santero” that was the manager of taking care of the building and of the goods that in him were controlling themselves.
According to D. Antonio Verdejo’s work The confraternity and the hermitage of Holy Ana de Íllora, though the works of construction and continuous repairs were very expanded in the time, the worship was practised in the hermitage from the first moments, and even it was a place of burial of several neighbors of the villa.
The building that probably was of rectangular plant, had domed structure and was relying on a tower that it was containing a big bell and a shed, and opposite the hermitage, there was located a cross of wood and a covered well. In numerous occasions the hermitage had to be repaired, until in the year 1766 it was ruined though his reconstruction was realized little later, between
1770 and 1774.



It is said that at sunset, every afternoon, an old woman would appear in the vicinity of the hermitage of Santa Ana, sieve in hand, sifting figs. This figure, which resembled a specter and was terrifying, caused that at sunset, neither the children nor the adults liked to be in that place.

The knowledge that is had of these baths is very partial, leaving many open questions pending resolution, but it contributes to give an idea of the cultural importance of this municipality.


Audiovisual Guide of the Municipality of Íllora

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